As I make my way to the MSIgnite Conference, I can’t help but think back at the many wonderful experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met and remained friends with…

This year however, feels different to me.  First, unlike many people attending who are being sponsored by their employers, I’ve invested in this event and paid for it all out of pocket (lord knows it is expensive).  Perhaps, this brings a different level of appreciation?  Possibly, but  that aside things still feel different for me.

And although the various parties are a nice part of every conference I’ve attended (we all have stories right?, we should share these over drinks),  that isn’t what I feel makes it different.   Here are some reasons I feel make this conference different for me and why I look forward to attending.


  1. Meeting George Khalil  (@SharePointGeorge) who resides in Australia.  George specifically planned to attend when he learned that I solidified my plans as well.  I’ve known George for over 6 years and I certainly consider him a close friend.  But you know what?  We’ve never met in person, that’s right.  We’ve taken on some projects together, shared personal stories, joys and moments of despair throughout the years.  But it is this week that we finally meet in person and I am so stoked about this, I know he is as well.
  2. As an independent consultant in the community, I’ve contributed in many ways, via forums or events as well as a couple of books.  About a couple of months ago, I reached out to my publisher Apress and expressed to them the desire to work together on another project.  It is at this conference that we get to sit down and discuss our project a bit.  And of course, I meet them in person vs. Skype or email communication.  Call me old-school or traditional, but I prefer in-person conversations.
  3. This year, I didn’t rent a hotel (I personally don’t like hotels, they feel very sterile to me).  Instead I rented a loft and shared it with a friend.  This just enriches the experience throughout the week.
  4. Lastly, I have procured a few copies of my book Pro Responsive Web Development on SharePoint 2013 and happily will be giving away free copies during the week.  Look for my tweets @SharePointOscar 


I hope you get the most out of the conference, and I hope we get an opportunity to meet, seriously please don’t be shy, I’ll be roaming around…